Amiga System Specs

Running C-Net Amiga BBS Software [3.05c]

  An Amiga 2000 *yea!*
  GVP Vortex '040/33MhZ Board w/ 68882 Math Co-Processor
  GVP Vortex Built-In Controller w/a
  1 Gig Segate/Micropolis ST1200N
  & 8 Megs of 32-bit Ram!

Other Amiga BBS's

The Last CNet Amiga BBS?

Prove me wrong, please let me know if you know of others

CNet BBS Remake (Anet BBS) in Python (Work in Progress)

UZI Suicide /X : telnet://

Welcome to FlagNET BBS
telnet:// [Port 23]

Recommended ANSI Terminal : SyncTERM
Supports Windows / Linux / Mac (as well as Sparc & Various BSDs)